Media Temple ColdFusion 9 Grid Server Container

coldfusion actionscript I am writing this short article for two reasons. 1) To see how many other people out there would like to see ColdFusion 9 as a grid container at MediaTemple. 2) Hopefully this article will push MediaTemple to create a CF9 grid container. Yes I know, maybe I will be the only one to read this article because my site is unknown but I can dream.

I have seen it mentioned on their website but it was way back in 2006:

New Containers. Python containers with support for DJango and Trac. FlashMedia Server, ColdFusion, MySQL containers all in development.

I am interested in ColdFusion 9 because CFScript seems similar to ActionScript. You can read another article of mine here: ColdFusion 9 for ActionScript Developers (CFScript).

I also noticed it mentioned in an article by Lee Brimelow posted on August 04th 2009:

I’m going to look into other options for ColdFusion. MediaTemple may add support for it on their (gs) accounts so I guess I’ll wait for that.

I hope customers of MediaTemple read this and login to post a message in the User Form. There is already a item open called “ColdFusion Container” so do a search and add a post reply and help get ColdFusion added as a grid container.

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