Jack Doyle How Can I Make JavaScript API Docs Like You?

GreenSock TweenMax/TweenLite was there for me when I did ActionScript development. Now that Flash is almost dead GreenSock TweenMax/TweenLite JS is there for me doing JavaScript development. I am doing more and more JavaScript and I want to create nice JavaScript documents for my code but I am having a hard time finding a nice template that will satisfy me. This is until I saw Jack Doyle’s GreenSock JavaScript API Docs.

It might be a secret you want to keep like my grandmothers chocolate chip cookie recipe but I want know, I want to learn, please teach me. I can keep a secret and you can email me at code{AT}codebelt.com. I used to work with Andy your Server-Side Savant. Maybe he can vouch for me.

While I am at it can you also create GreenSock LoaderMax JS.

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  1. Hey Robert. Your post made me smile. To answer your question, I couldn’t find any decent JS doc generators (at least when I looked a while back), and since the JS flavor of GSAP is a port of the AS3 one, I just copied the AS3 files with all the comments and used Adobe’s asdoc generator. Of course I customized the docs where necessary for JS-specific stuff. If you find any good tools for generating JS docs, I’m all ears.

    Happy tweening!

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